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gold ambassadors
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What we do

GOLD AMBASSADORS is a unique ambassador specific consultancy bridging the gap between brands, athletes, celebrities, agencies, governing bodies and media.


Gold Ambassadors is passionate about sport. We CREATE, CONNECT, NEGOTIATE and MAXIMISE ambassador programmes for an extensive variety of stakeholders across the global sports industry. 




Gold Ambassadors work with clients to design the perfect ambassador programme to interact within marketing campaigns. By amplifying ambassadors strengths, we create an authentic specific communication programme.




Utilising our extensive network of contacts we are able to connect the perfect ambassador to clients. Our little Black Book of contacts has been built up over many years and we are able to network with the movers and shakers and connect clients and ambassadors quicker than you can shake your tail-feather.




Before you sign on the dotted line Gold Ambassadors can advise clients on the complex field of contracts. We can advise and negotiate on image rights, renewal options, breach of contract, fees and provide top tips on T&C's.




We provide creative ideas to maximise the way in which clients reach their audience. As experts in PR, we are huge fans of Social Media, photoshoots and placed interviews. Our media contacts ensure that clients receive maximum exposure to reach their audience.

And...We also


It would be remiss of us not to tell you of our other skills. Not only do we Create, Connect, Negotiate and Maximise ambassador programmes, but we also PROVIDE, COACH and REVIEW.


Ambassador Presenters

If you need an ambassador for an event, then give us a call. We can advise, connect and manage ambassadors. If you have the budget, we have the contacts.


Coach Ambassadors

We work with ambassadors on improving their personal skills, including behavioural traits, key messages, communication, Social Media and generally on how to be a world class ambassaador.


Review Ambassadors

As part of your communication programme, Gold Ambassadors will work with your marketing teams to review best practice and consult on fresh ideas for future initiatives.

Worked With


Gold Ambassadors has 20 years experience working in world class environments with global brands, gold medallists, professional footballers, world media and a bunch of other pretty cool people!


With a professional athlete mindset, we strongly believe that our work ethic and ability to make things happen will be rewarded.



* Sports Agent


* PR Director


* Olympian


* 3 x Commonwealth Games medalist


* Brand Consultant





All wrapped up in a neat package called Jennie Bimson


Gold Ambassadors would love to hear from you. Send us an email, we can arrange a cup of tea together and let's take on the world!!!

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